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Do you have an unauthorised or illegally moored vessel in Eastbourne that needs removing?
ERT are able to help.

At ERT, we are market leaders in vessel removal services in Eastbourne and have an incredibly high success rate in the removal of abandoned or illegally moored vessels.

There are many problems that can arise when a boat is illegally moored. It can interfere with residents and visitors enjoying an open space, the boat could be causing a nuisance to the area or the site might not be appropriate or well equipped for a long-term mooring.

By instructing ERT, you are employing a trusted vessel removal team in Eastbourne  with an incredibly high success rate with over 30+ years’ experience in the industry. We are market leaders and a well-established company and have handled a wide variety of cases, helping our clients regain their land and removal abandoned or illegally moored vessels. We are able to remove illegal moored vessels quickly and efficiently, get in contact with our team now to find out more information.

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If you are in need of assistance once the illegally moored vessel is removed, ERT are more than happy to find a solution to suit your needs. We can help give advice on the next steps of procedure as well as provide aftercare assistance. 

Speak with us today by calling 0203 866 1024 alternatively by completing our no-obligation ‘Get a Quote’ form.

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