Traveller Eviction

ERT provide specialist traveller eviction services in Winchester to support the lawful removal of unauthorised individuals or groups.

At ERT, we have highly qualified and certificated enforcement agents in Winchester able to remove travellers from land and help re-gain possession of your property.

ERT have professionally qualified teams that are able to use a variety of techniques in order to manage and remove travellers in Winchester respectfully.

Under common law, every landowner has the right to remove travellers that are illegally occupying commercial or residential land in order to regain possession. There are a variety of ways in which to enforce traveller eviction which depend upon the circumstances, whether it is by common law, civil procedures or the criminal justice and public order act.

At ERT, we have highly qualified and certificated enforcement agents who are able to conduct the eviction of travellers in Winchester. With an in-depth knowledge of laws and procedure, the ERT team are able to gain possession of your land for you, following all health and safety procedures in place. We are an elite team who are market leading within the industry and have an incredibly high success rate with our first-class solutions.

Traveller Removal Service UK

POST traveller

If you are in need of post traveller removal support, ERT are more than happy to find a solution to suit your needs. We have a wealth of services that can help prevent travellers from regaining access to your repossessed land. 

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Eviction Response Team
Eviction Response Team