Protester Removal

ERT provide technical protestor removal services to support the lawful removal of unauthorised  individuals or groups.

ERT have professionally qualified teams that are able to use a variety of techniques in order to manage and remove protestors respectfully.

Our teams are certificated enforcement agents who are medically fit, qualified professionals and highly experienced in this sector supporting both private and public organisations. We are able to quickly attend sites to start the process of removal in order to clear them as soon as possible.

We understand that activists and protestors may be a costly problem to landowners and local authorities alike. There is a potential for damage to buildings, as well as the land itself as well as the negatively publicity it can entail. If you are in need of protester removal, ERT are the reliable professionals to trust. Give our team a call on 0203 886 1024 now.


If you are in need of post traveller eviction assistance, ERT are more than happy to find a solution to suit your needs. We have a wealth of services that can help prevent travellers from regaining access to your repossessed land. Just get in contact with our team now to explore our solutions. Learn more now at

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