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Fly grazing is the commonly  used term when a horse is  grazing on unauthorised  private or public land

At ERT, we are specialists in providing equine horse removal services in Wolverhampton and have an incredibly high success rate with over 30+ years’ experience in the industry.

If you notice a fly-grazing or find abandoned horse on your property in Wolverhampton, then you should seek the advice of professionals such as ourselves in order to have the horse removed.

By instructing ERT, you are employing a trusted horse removal team with an incredibly high success rate with over 30+ years’ experience in the industry. We are market leaders and a well-established company and have handled a wide variety of cases in Wolverhampton, helping our clients regain their land from unwanted horses or livestock.

Our methods of removal of horses are humane and safe, and we pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding service to all our clients. Our certificated enforcement agents are highly knowledgeable and skilled, able to help you protect your property in line with the Control of Horses Act that protects the welfare of both property owners and horses.

We are able to remove and detain horses that are abandoned or fly grazing on your property incredibly quickly giving the owners, if they are known, a window of time to claim them.

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If you are in need of assistance once the fly grazing or abandoned horse is removed, ERT are more than happy to find a solution to suit your needs. We can help give advice on the next steps of procedure as well as provide aftercare assistance. 

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