our eviction response team services include…

We specialise in offering protester eviction, squatter eviction & traveller removal services across the UK. We have an exceptional success rate in returning property or land to our clients professionally and effectively.

At ERT, we are nationwide specialists offering protester eviction, squatter eviction & traveller removal services across the UK.

We tailor our services to your needs taking into account your circumstances in order to help save you time and money. We are a market leading company who excel at providing first class solutions on a fixed fee basis.

If you require assistance with protester eviction, squatter or traveller removal, speak with us today by calling 0203 866 1024 alternatively by completing our no-obligation ‘Get a Quote’ form.

Traveller Eviction

If you have unauthorised encampment on your land and are in need of an efficient traveller eviction service, then give ERT a call now.

Squatter Eviction

If your commercial or residential property is being unlawfully or illegally occupied, ERT are able to help remove squatters and trespassers swiftly.

Vessell Removal

With over 30 years experience in the industry, you can trust ERT in the professional removal of abandoned or unauthorised vessels.


At County, we are specialists in security services, with a proven track record within the industry and throughout the United Kingdom.

Equine Removal

We act on behalf of private landowners and local authorities to remove abandoned or illegally grazing horses. Learn more now.


Our protester removal services are highly trained professionals able to manage and remove protesters respectfully in any potentially hazardous situation.


County Enforcement operate nationwide, specialising in the areas of Civil and High Court Enforcement.

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Eviction Response Team
Eviction Response Team