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Protester Removal – Removing Protesters Safely as a Landowner or Local Authority

Protester Removal

How to Remove Protesters Safely?

In the UK, legal protests are a fundamental aspect of our democratic society and allows individuals to express their views and demand change.

There are times however, when protests disrupt public order and impact the wider society. Recent incidents such as protesters bringing major motorways to a halt, trespassing or vandalism of private property may spring to mind here.

When incidents of this nature arise, protester removal is necessary, for the safety of those protesting, the safety of others and ensuring the law is upheld.

However, this requires a delicate balance between maintaining order and respecting the rights of those protesting.

So, how to Remove Protesters Safely?

Here at Eviction Response Team, we are nationwide specialists in the safe and respectful removal of protesters.

We often work with local Police and government organisations to support the lawful removal of unauthorised individuals and groups.

If you are in need of protester removal, give our team a call on 0203 886 1024.


Why do protests happen? 

Protests occur as a means for people to voice their dissatisfaction with social, political or economic issues, such as government policies, social justice and climate change. They serve as platforms for raising awareness and demanding change.

More recently, we have seen national scale protests taking place campaigning against issues happening in the Middle East and the everyday use of fossil fuels.

Where do protests take place?

Typically protests take place in popular settings which help maximise their exposure such as Parliament Square, Trafalgar Square and Downing Street, where the Prime Minister’s residence is located.

Protests are held nationwide however and their settings are varied with motorways, airports, privately owned land and University Campuses often being key settings.

How to remove protesters safely?

If it is appropriate to remove protesters, you should seek expert help and contact an organisation such as ERT who have the skills, equipment and knowledge to carry out protester removal safely and lawfully.

Below we have highlighted some best practices for how to remove protesters safely.

1. Preparation and Planning

Effective management of protests begins long before the event itself. When it is announced of a protest to take place, authorities should engage in thorough preparation and planning, which includes:

  • Assessment of Potential Risks: Identify the goals of the protest, the expected number of participants and any groups that might be involved. This information helps in understanding the potential for escalation.
  • Coordination with Protest Organisers: Open lines of communication with protest leaders to understand their intentions and negotiate terms that ensure the safety of all parties involved.
  • Resource Allocation: Ensure that there are adequate resources, such as medical personnel, crowd control tools and trained officers, available to manage the situation. 

2. Communication 

Transparent and continuous communication is crucial in managing protests. Effective communication can prevent misunderstandings and reduce tensions.

  • Clear Announcements: Use public address systems to inform protesters of the legal boundaries and potential consequences of their actions. Clearly communicate the steps that will be taken if they do not disperse.
  • Negotiation and Mediation: Deploy trained negotiators to engage with protest leaders. Aim to resolve issues through dialogue rather than force.
  • Information Dissemination: Provide real-time updates to both protesters and the public. This can be done through social media, official websites or local news channels.

3. Non-violent Tactics 

When it comes to removing protesters, prioritize non-violent tactics to avoid escalation and ensure safety.

  • De-escalation Techniques: Use trained officers in de-escalation techniques to handle tense situations calmly and reduce the likelihood of violence.
  • Use of Barriers: Utilize physical barriers to redirect the flow of the protest and prevent access to sensitive areas.
  • Time-bound Dispersal Orders: Issue time-bound orders for dispersal. This gives protesters a clear timeframe to leave the area peacefully.

4. Gradual Escalation of Measures

If protesters do not comply with initial requests to disperse, gradually escalate the measures used to remove them.

  • First Level: Verbal Warnings: Begin with verbal warnings, clearly stating that failure to disperse will result in further action.
  • Second Level: Physical Removal: As a last resort, use trained personnel to physically remove protesters. Ensure that this is done in a manner that minimizes harm and respects human rights.

5. Post-Event Review and Support

After the protest has been dispersed, it is essential to review the event and provide support where needed.

  • Medical and Legal Support: Offer medical assistance to those who may have been injured and ensure legal representation for those detained.
  • Debriefing and Analysis: Conduct a thorough debriefing to understand what went well and what could be improved. This can help in better managing future protests.
  • Community Engagement: Engage with the community to address any grievances that led to the protest and to build trust. 

How ERT Can Help – Nationwide Protester Removal Specialists

Here at ERT, we have professionally qualified teams across the UK that are able to use a variety of techniques to remove protesters safely and respectfully.
Our protester removal teams are certificated enforcement agents who are medically fit, qualified professionals and highly experienced in this sector supporting both private and public organisations. We can quickly attend sites to start the process of protester removal in order to clear them as soon as possible.
We understand that activists and protestors may be a costly problem to landowners and local authorities alike. There is a potential for damage to buildings, as well as the land itself as well as the negatively publicity it can entail.
If you are in need of protester removal, ERT are the reliable professionals to trust. Give our team a call on 0203 886 1024.
Thank you for reading, we hope our blog ‘How to Remove Protesters Safely’, was of interest and value!

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