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What is Equine Removal and when would I need it?

Grazing horses is usually quite a nice sight to see and isn’t often paired with the feeling of frustration. However, if unknown horses are grazing on your private land without authorisation, this can cause unwanted issues.

Not only is it a hassle to remove them, but they could also cause damage to your land that’s expensive to fix. If you find yourself in this situation, County ERT can help with our professional equine removal service.

What is Equine Removal?

Equine removal is the process of removing unauthorised horses from private property or land. All methods of removal have to comply with the Control of Horses Act 2015, protecting the welfare of both property owners and horses.

Horses can end up on private land for various reasons, including abandonment and purposeful placement. This is known as fly-grazing and should be dealt with as soon as possible. Equine removal services, such as the one provided by County ERT, will safely and humanely remove the animal from your property.

After horses have been removed from private land, the owners will be given the chance to claim them. If the horses aren’t claimed within a certain time frame, usually 4 days, ownership reverts to the landowner who can then decide whether to sell them, send them to a horse charity or place them in livery.

When would I need it?

If you have found unauthorised horses on your private property or land and need them removed, you can access Equine Removal services.

Fly-grazing can lead to land becoming poached, and horses have been known to break through fencing in order to reach other grazing patches. By not removing unwanted horses from your land, they could easily damage your property and lead to you paying for repairs. It’s not an ideal situation and is best dealt with sooner rather than later.
If you believe a horse has been abandoned on your land, you can also access equine removal services. The welfare of a horse may become an issue, as poor health is common with abandoned animals. This could lead to complications with removal if the horse is left without proper veterinary treatment for a period of time.

It’s important to know that fly-grazing animals cannot be removed for at least 4 days, during which the owners are given a chance to reclaim the animal before removal. During this time, a landowner has a certain duty of care towards the animals and may break the law if they remove them.

What can County ERT do?

County ERT offers a professional equine removal service to landowners across the UK, helping you remove unwanted animals from your property. County ERT deals with these animals in a safe and humane manner, giving the owners a chance to claim the animals before they are sold or given away.

We can remove and detain horses incredibly quickly, always complying with the Control of Horses Act 2015. We keep you informed throughout the equine removal process, and also offer aftercare assistance. County ERT can help secure your land to prevent further fly-grazers from entering your property, by reinforcing fencing, introducing barbed wire and implementing gates.

County ERT has over 30 years of experience dealing with evictions. From travellers to equines, we can deal with and resolve many different situations. Get in touch with County ERT for more information, or visit our website to view our full list of services

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